Yung Mel - Unreleased Demos

by Yung Mel

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My focus is to live my future, leave the past.
But thinking to myself is that too much 2 ask?

My homies getting shot i swear too much to grasp,
but we was on a mission just 2 young 2 fast.
Patron shots pouring IN my shot glass.

Cheers to the days that we once had
and tears to the pain thats we all have
'membering the days that we thought would forever last.

Kiss my youngest on his head and before he go to sleep
and i pray to God that neither one of them become like me,
well at least my past cause wit that life there aint no peace
only 2 ways in a cage or under sheets.

So now i blaze trees and blow my life onto these beats
and show these youngens wat they can do with opportunity,
cause if u feel like u a star believe in ur belief
and dont u ever let nobody tell u differently.

-Jamel McGuire


released June 12, 2014

Jamel McGuire

Music courtesy of Birdcastle Music Group



all rights reserved